The question more asked by agents is: How do you obtain the leads? We have 2 options which you can explore: Mail and On-line leads.

All agents are different, and all systems are not the same, after many tries and errors, we decided to go with an exclusive provider of leads. After all, the best lead source are the ones coming from you existing clients.

Mail leads.

You can get 1,000 mail leads for approximately $450, you will have to choose the counties and Zip-Codes. The mail will be dropped 10 days after you place the order.

Branded and non-branded mail leads – you may qualify for discounts worth 10%, 15% and 20%, based on numbers of appointments you have with us.

For more information call Stephanie Valcarcel at or call her at 914-909-2548.

On-line leads

There are 2 types of leads: Exclusive and shared.

Exclusive the lead will be assigned to you only. Shared, you will share the lead up to 3 other agents will be sharing the lead, theses agent will be competing for the business.

The shared leads will be $10. Exclusively will be $22 with the opportunity of obtaining them as low as $15.40.

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For more information contact Lena Lyubinska at or call her at 914-909-2548.